August 24, 2009

First Post!

Hello! I am an unabashed omnivore exploring the crazy world of meat alternatives. Why am I doing this? Several reasons:

1. I am in culinary school, so I feel the need to expand my culinary horizons

2. I keep accumulating friends who are vegetarians and vegans and want to impress them with my non-meat cooking skills, since my best meat dishes aren't going to cut it with them.

3. With fake meat products usually having little to no fat, and no cholesterol, they do seem healthier than meat, so for general health reasons, it seems like a good thing to explore.

When first embarking on this adventure, I checked online for reviews of the different brands of fake meats - I found the occasional review for a single brand, but nothing comparative. So-and-so thought this one brand was okay. But is it better than some other brand? Who knows? Also, I didn't find anything comparing fake meat to real meat. I wanted to know: is this tasty? or it is just tasty relative to other fake meats? How is the texture? How does it look? Would meat eaters enjoy it as well?

So those are the questions I'm here to answer. I plan on giving each brand a couple tries, just to get over the weirdness factor, and possibly correct any errors in preparation, in case that affected the final product. I hope you enjoy my adventures and find them useful.

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  1. I'm an ex-vegan with a blog about veganism called "Let Them Eat Meat." Could I do a short interview with you about your blog and mock meats? I would have emailed you, but I don't see a way to do that. Thanks.

    (letthemeatmeat [@]