September 18, 2009

Morningstar Asian Veggie Patty

This week, I'm checking out Morningstar Farms Asian Veggie Patties. These are not technically attempting to replace meat, but I figured it should still count. Plus it looked tasty.

First off, the description on the box and website says, "A sweet and spicy veggie patty with hints of chilis, garlic, and ginger." My spice tolerance is very low, so that chili thing made me a teensy bit nervous, but the "hints of" part reassured me. I threw a couple patties on the ol' Foreman grill to heat them up and get them nice and crispy, tried to guess what sort of condiments would go with an Asian veggie patty, and ultimately decided to eat it naked. The patty was naked, I mean. I'm not here to talk about what I was wearing.

Anyway, there was not much to say about the patty's appearance or smell. It sort of smelled like general freezer-smell, frankly, which makes sense, given that it came out of a freezer. So I dug in. Gotta tell you - it was spicier than the box indicated it would be. Not so much that I couldn't eat it, but it did make it so that I couldn't really taste anything else. Maybe that was good. I don't know. The biggest problem I ran into, since I couldn't taste it, was the texture. The first ingredient is carrots; the second is water chestnuts. I could definitely tell when each bite contained one or both of these. Man, I hate water chestnuts. They have such a gross texture. Maybe other people like them, but I'd just rather avoid them, if I can. Aside from the random vegetables, the patty was pretty lame, texturally. It was almost mushy, except for the edges, which were nicely crisp from the grill. All in all, this was a fairly unpleasant experience. I don't know what I plan to do with the other two patties in the box. Maybe I'll try one of the recipes that use them. I'll let you know.

The experience:
Texture - Very inconsistent texture, and very fragile - falls apart easily
Flavor - So much spiciness that it drowned out any other potential flavors for me

Final grade for this attempt: C-


  1. I feel the exact same way about water chestnuts.

  2. i like these a lot, and eat them about twice every 3 weeks. i was going to warn you about the spiciness, but didn't know you were going to try them so soon!

    the way i eat them is crumbled up and mixed with scrambled eggs. for me, it tastes like egg foo yung, but healthy. i think eating them that way gets over a lot of the texture problems (i also kinda like water chestnuts...).

    but i agree that on their own these aren't great. the chicken products are way better stand-alones.

  3. These are actually pretty good in spring rolls as s substitute for pork or shrimp or even tofu. But yeah, they are spicier than advertised. I like them, but not as much as the mushroom lover's burger or pizza burger.

  4. I still have some of these in the freezer - I was planning on making them into a spring roll at some point.

    On another note - pizza burger?!? I don't think I've seen those. They sound awesome!

  5. I just tried these this week. I loved them! Mostly, I like the spices, and the crispiness. I just recently became a vegetarian so I've missed meat like substances that I can put on my Foreman grill. I also bought the Mushroom Burgers from Morningstar. I'm afraid to try them.

  6. Amanda - Most of the Morningstar veggie burgers aren't too terrible, in my experience. I've got the mushroom ones in my freezer right now, waiting patiently for me. Let me know what you think of them if you get to them before I do. :)

  7. I love these things. I crave them. I'm not sure I even realized they had water chestnuts but I guess I like them?? Either way, I can't find these patties ANYWHERE anymore. Wish I could order online somewhere.