September 4, 2009

Morningstar Chik'n Tenders

This week, I'm reviewing Morningstar Farms Chik'n Tenders. This one is pretty straightforward. Frozen, breaded meat-like strips. What could go wrong?

My first impressions, after dumping the items out of the box onto the tray: These look and smell like frozen chicken tenders. So far, so good. My biggest problem at this point is that the box contains seven tenders. Seven!? What a weird number! They couldn't have thrown one more in to make a nice even number? I mean, the serving size was listed as 2 tenders, making the package contain 3.5 servings. Who thought that up?

I spent the next 15 minutes or so complaining about there being seven tenders in the box while I waited for them to bake. Also, while complaining (I'm a multitasker!), I whipped up some delicious honey mustard, which was about 2/3 Dijon mustard, 1/3 honey. I like my honey mustard to be sweet. I also dug out the ketchup and the barbecue sauce from the fridge. Even though I was only going to be eating 3.5 tenders (I was splitting them with my wife) I wanted to check out a variety of dipping sauces to see which provided the tastiest fake-meat experience.

So out of the oven, all sizzling and tasty-looking, they came. Nice and crisp exterior, just what I ask for in a frozen nugget. I took the first bite with no sauce, to get the full experience. Aside from the "I've been frozen!" flavor (which is very similar to actual chicken tenders from the freezer), I'd say these are very tasty! They were even better with the sauces, although my wife said they tasted more artificial when dipped in barbecue sauce. I couldn't really taste anything other than barbecue sauce, which I'm already not a huge fan of, so I'll take her word on that one. My favorite was the ketchup, but my favorite condiment is ketchup anyway, so no surprises there. The chik'n tenders did take extremely well to the honey mustard. If you're going to try them for yourselves, I'd recommend whipping some up.

The experience:
Texture - nice meat-like texture.
Flavor - basic frozen chicken tender experience - in other words, as good as expected

One odd note: the inside was kind of stringy-looking but, oddly, this did not affect the texture. It did look kind of creepy, so if you're trying to pass these off as real meat, you might want to keep that in mind.

Final grade for this attempt: A-

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