October 16, 2009

Boca Bruschetta patty

This week, I'm going to review Boca's Bruschetta patty. This isn't technically replacing a meat product, since I don't think I've ever had a tomato basil parmesan burger, although that sounds delicious. I just saw it in the store and thought it sounded tasty. We'll get back to the proper fake meat products next week.

I had some fresh, homemade gnocchi that one of my classmates had made in school, but I didn't have a whole bunch of it, so I figured I'd whip these patties up to go with it. I took the idea from the box to cook them in a skillet in some oil, hoping for a nice crispy crust. Unfortunately, my timing was off (the gnocchi took longer to cook than I was expecting), so the patties ended up a little overcooked. We ate them anyway, of course. But I'm keeping in mind that they could be better.

When overcooked, the patty developed a leathery exterior, and didn't have much in the way of flavor. They had a smell almost like they wanted to be more tomato-y. Like maybe someone had carried a basket of sun-dried tomatoes through the patty factory, and they picked up some of the aroma. The ingredients do list "oven roasted tomatoes", and it's pretty high up the list. I think I may have bitten into a chunk of tomato at one point, but aside from seeing it, there was no obvious tomato experience. I then tried a bite of the gnocchi with a bite of the patty. This was better, mostly because it provided the patty with a nice selection of flavors.

Honestly, I do want to try these again at some point. I feel like there's potential here, I just cooked it too long. I will do better next time! I swear!

The experience:
Texture - leathery, because I overcooked it
Flavor - not much flavor at all, but I'm not sure if this was due to the overcooking

Final grade for this attempt: C-

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  1. I tried these a few years ago. I was excited about the prospect, but found that they ultimately fell flat and tasted rather flavorless.