October 30, 2009

Morningstar Sausage Patties

Another breakfast review this week. I'm still holding out on that box of fake bacon - it scares me. Give me time. For now, however, we've got Morningstar farms sausage patties. After the disappointing experience with the links, I was a little wary of the patties. But I had heard from a number of different people that the patties are far superior to the links, so I dove in.

We were having these patties with some delicious French toast (made with my homemade pumpkin bread - from real pumpkin! That recipe came from here.). After I took them out of the box (wrapped in three packets of two patties each) the first thing I noticed was that these patties are TINY! Only about two inches in diameter. Good thing there were only three of us eating, so we each got two. Plus all the French toast we could fit in our bellies. Yum!

So, heeding the advice of others, I got some oil in the pan to cook up these babies. Not a lot - just a little bit. The directions said to cook over medium heat for 8-10 minutes, turning as needed to promote even browning. I think I did a pretty good job following these directions, but at about 6 minutes, they were pretty well browned. So I took them out of the pan, finished cooking the French toast, and then we dug in.

The outsides of the patties were delightfully crispy, which I greatly appreciated. The insides, however, were oddly mushy. This might be due to the fact that they didn't get their full 8-10 minutes on the heat. But if they had, the outsides probably would have been tough and leathery! What a diabolical conundrum! My solution is for Morningstar to make the patties the same weight but flatten them a little more so they cook more evenly, while simultaneously giving them a slightly larger diameter. I mean, my next plan for these is to put them on an English muffin with some egg and some cheese (yum!) but I don't feel like they'll fit very well. We'll see. Aside from the size and interior texture problems, these were actually quite tasty. I'd eat these again, for sure.

The experience:
Texture - Beautifully crispy on the outside, mushy on the inside.
Flavor - nicely sausage-y, just right

Final grade for this attempt: B+


  1. My biggest annoyance with these was the very low value you get from them. The price they charge ($4.29, IIRC) is far higher than it should be for 8oz of fancy soy.

  2. I can also attest to the fact that these, crumbled, make a really good sausage gravy!

  3. Ooh - good idea! That sounds delicious!