November 22, 2009

Homemade fake turkey update

I was informed, today, that my cousin Jill had found almost the exact same recipe somewhere else and was planning on trying it out this year. I took a look at her version of the recipe, and found that, while the ingredients were the same, the directions were COMPLETELY different. So significantly different, that I'm strongly considering trying that version, since it will have a completely different texture than the one I made.

An example of the differences: my version used a food processor to combine the ingredients briefly, until they formed a ball - the other version involves a total of 20 minutes of kneading!

Since I've got all these leftover ingredients, I might as well. Maybe I'll make it and surprise my parents with it for Thanksgiving. "Here folks - I brought this to compare with the turkey you guys prepared. How about a quote for my blog?"

Actually... do I hear the next head-to-head post calling?

Stay tuned!

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