April 2, 2010

Morningstar Grillers Turk'y Burger

This week, I'm reviewing Morningstar Farms Grillers Turk'y Burger. These patties have avocado and tomato cooked right in. In the picture on the box, it looks like you'd be able to see them in the patty itself. Not so. But that's okay - we all know by now that food doesn't usually turn out looking like its picture. The real question is: how does it taste?

Once again, I disregarded the preparation instructions in favor of something I've used before. The only options on the box were the oven or the microwave. The oven would take 16-18 minutes, and I knew I wouldn't get a crispy exterior in the microwave, so I threw it into my fancy non-stick skillet with about a teaspoon of vegetable oil. Just a few minutes later, the patty was ready, and nicely crisped.

I put it on a bun with some lettuce and some sad winter tomatoes. I ended up scraping off the tomatoes, because they added nothing, and detracted from my enjoyment. The lettuce was a nice touch, and I think the next time I eat one of these, it would benefit from some cheese of some sort. In any case, I'm here to talk about this burger - not the next one. So I took a bite of my assembled burger. I was kind of excited because it smelled pretty good, and it looked nice. The first bite registered as "yum" in my mouth, but then further processing (the next couple bites) told me that I think I was just really hungry. The burger itself was not terribly flavorful. It had a small amount of spiciness to it, just the right amount, in my opinion. Aside from the slight spiciness, and the generic protein-flavor, it didn't have much going for it. Like many poultry (and simulated poultry) items, its main goal seemed to be to provide a chewy texture for the condiments and toppings.

Overall, not bad - nothing special, though.

The experience:
Texture - basic frozen poultry patty texture - nothing unpleasant, nothing noteworthy
Flavor - ever so slightly spicy, but no other flavor to speak of

Final grade for this attempt: B-

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