May 24, 2010

More news!

Check out the link in the upper-right of the page that says "Grading Chart" - that's a nice compilation of all the reviews I've done, whether the products were vegan or not, and what grade they received, so you can quickly see what I've reviewed. This will also come in handy as a nice printable list we can take to the store to make sure we don't buy things we've already tested.

Thanks so much to my lovely wife who designed that for me! Now I just need to keep it updated...


  1. Great, thanks a lot! By the way, if you're feeling particularly adventurous and want to add a few "F"s, you could deviate a bit to try fake animal products other than fake meat. I'd recommend soy yogurt and soy cheese slices as the pinnacle of vegan horror. Vegetarian hot dogs have nothing on these.

    That said, it might be nice to have a comparison of soy/rice/almond milks for drinking and cooking.

  2. Ooh - good call! I've seen some of those and been morbidly curious as to how bad they are.

    I've tried soy milk and almond milk before. They're more like candy than milk (the vanilla soy milk, anyway), but I like 'em. I've mostly had the soy milk on cereal, which is a very tasty application, and I've used it for some sweet baked goods. I'm not sure I'd sit down with a glass of it... It is something I should explore, though, being mildly lactose intolerant myself.

  3. Read through to item 10:


  4. Ha ha - suck it, vegan cheese!