June 25, 2010

Lightlife Tofu Pups, this time, on a stick!

I mentioned in my first review of Lightlife's Tofu Pups that these hot dogs might perform better in a more traditional hot dog setting. The other day, for lunch, I got ambitious and decided to transform my leftover Tofu Pups into corn dogs! Who doesn't like hot dogs wrapped in corn bread on a stick? I'm a little afraid of frying things at my house, since I don't have an actual deep fryer, so I went with the wimpier-yet-healthier route of a baked corn dog. I hunted around on the internet for a good recipe, and found one here that looked promising.

I got the corn bread portion of the recipe ready to go, stuck the tofu pups on skewers (all I had at the time) and wrapped the corn bread dough around the dogs. They looked fairly edible, so I went ahead and baked them.

The results: well, right away, the skewer was a failure. It pulled right out of the hot dog. I sort of knew it would, but hoped it maybe wouldn't. So I just picked it up with my hands and dipped it into the ketchup that way. It wasn't a big deal to do that, because, since it wasn't fried, it wasn't totally greasy. Disregarding the total dryness of the corn bread portion, the flavor of the corn bread melded very well with the flavor of the Tofu Pup. This is a very good application of this product. It still smelled terrible once you broke through the corn bread armor, but it tasted pretty okay all together. I would recommend (and may try for myself one day) a more standard batter and actually frying it. If you do this (or have done it in the past), let me know how it goes.

The experience:
Texture - the corn bread part was very dry, but the Tofu Pup itself still had that pleasing cheap-hot-dog texture that I like from time to time
Flavor - better than it smells, for sure

Final grade for this attempt: B for the dog, C for the corn bread recipe


  1. this doesn't really have anything to do with tofupups, but if you're looking for a good veggie corndog you should try the trader joe's version. they are awesome. i kind of wish they sold the dogs separately as well because the whole thing is amazing. my boyfriend isn't a veg like me, but he loves them!

  2. Good to know - I'll keep an eye out next time I'm at TJ's.