October 29, 2010

Dr. Praeger's Tex Mex Veggie Burger

Back in March, I reviewed Dr. Praeger's California Veggie Burgers and found them wanting. When I saw the Tex Mex variety for sale, I just had to pick it up. The problem with the other burger was an unpleasant off-flavor that I just couldn't get over. I was hoping that the spicy flavors that are usually associated with the Tex-Mex experience could overcome the problem.

So, I fired up my skillet and got ready for another taste of Dr. Praeger's veggie burgers. None of the cooking directions said anything about a skillet, but I went with the BBQ instructions, figuring that was closer than the broiler instructions. (how the heck could you broil this tiny patty for 16-20 minutes and not turn it into charcoal?) I heated it thoroughly and dug in.

My very first impression was "ew" but then before I even finished chewing the initial bite, it changed into "huh". I had to give it a second bite, just to make sure. The fact of the matter is, this burger is actually pretty tasty. Aside from the flavor, however, was the texture. The veggies had a good texture, but there was an off-putting mushiness to the patty itself. Whatever is holding together all those vegetables didn't quite work for me. From the ingredients, I'd guess maybe it was the corn meal that was problematic. I think that was what contributed to my initial reaction of "ew" - the mushiness - before the flavor had a chance to kick in.

If I were eating a plate of mixed vegetables that had the same seasonings as this patty, I think I could really enjoy it. But the texture of the binder kind of ruined it for me. Sorry, Dr. Praeger - maybe next time.

The experience:
Texture - Veggies had a nice texture, but the mushiness of the binder was no good
Flavor - Nice spiciness (but not too spicy), and good flavor overall

Final grade for this attempt: C


  1. Kind of makes you wonder how the man got a PhD in Fake Meatology.

  2. what I do to get rid of the mushiness is broil the patti on both sides longer and it doesn't fall apart as easily and it tastes PERFECT!

  3. Yeah. You have to broil on low for 10 minutes a side and then kick it up to high and do another minute or two on each side. The extra cooking time greatly reduces the "mushiness" and makes it a little crispier.

  4. Dr. Praeger has a PhD for being a heart surgeon, not Fake Meatology, DUMBO

    1. Right on, brutha! This blogger hasn't a clue.

  5. It was mushy because you ignored the cooking instructions. Broiling it for the length indicated makes the high water content evaporate and turns it into a more burgery burger.

  6. I happen to love these burgers. Because I keep in mind they are made from BLACK BEANS and not meat. Plus, I admit I put toppings on them like a real meat burger. A little onion, cheddar, dollop of light sour cream and salsa and it's great. Or a slice of avocado in place of the cheese.

  7. 1) They DO fall apart unless you cook them right.

    2) I don't have the patience to cook them right.

    3) As someone else mentioned, you ARE a DUMBO.