October 15, 2010

Trader Joe's Breaded Chickenless Nuggets

It's been a while since I reviewed some fake meat chicken nuggets. I'd had good luck so far with fake meat chicken nuggets, probably because real-meat chicken nuggets are so processed anyway, it's not too difficult to imitate the experience.

One day, recently, I was feeling lazy, so I baked these up for dinner. We had some awesome homemade barbecue sauce on hand, and so I was feeling pretty optimistic about this experience. They looked pretty normal, as far as frozen nuggets go. The problem started when we actually started eating them. Now, to be fair, they didn't taste bad. But they definitely didn't taste good either. I derived absolutely no pleasure from eating these nuggets. I considered cooking up something else to eat, but I didn't dislike the nuggets enough to motivate me to go back into the kitchen. Even the barbecue sauce wasn't enough to pull these nuggets up to the realm of tastiness. What a bummer!

The experience:
Texture - got fairly crispy on the outside, kinda weird on the inside, but not terrible
Flavor - nothing to say, really. nothing bad, but nothing good either.

Final grade for this attempt: C-


  1. I also tried these recently and felt the same way about them.

  2. AGREED- not inedible, but certainly not good. TJ's could do so much better...

  3. I've had these before and find they taste best when cooked in a toaster oven. that being said, i've had others that i liked far better.

  4. I've recently tried these and I absolutely loved them! maybe because I was starving or just really missing actually chicken nuggets (I've only just become a pescatarian a short while ago) or perhaps my palette is just completely off haha