November 19, 2010

Field Roast Grain Meat Sausages, Smoked Apple and Sage

Sorry for the lack of post last Friday - I was dealing with a death in the family and was doing funeral stuff all last week, and just didn't manage to fit in any review-writing. But now here I am, with another fabulous review for you all.

This week, I finally got a chance to test out one variety of Field Roast Grain Meat Sausages - the Smoked Apple Sage, specifically. I had this recipe that I'd found online a while back for a roasted pumpkin and garlic lasagna and I had a feeling that the flavors in the sausage would go well with the lasagna. Plus, adding fake meat to it would still keep the spirit of the original post, which was a Meatless Monday post. Still meatless!

The lasagna took a long time to put together, as most lasagnas do, and it turned out more dry than I tend to prefer for my lasagnas, but it was tasty. I made sure to taste the fake meat sausage before adding it to everything else, just to make sure it wasn't horrible, and that the flavors would indeed mesh. It had a fairly good flavor alone, and was just a little bit spicy. I'm not sure if it's something I'd just pop in a bun and chow down on, but as part of this recipe, it really added a nice textural element. I don't think there was a whole lot added flavor-wise, since the rest of the ingredients were pretty flavorful, but overall, it was definitely a good combo.

I'm not sure what else I'd use this sausage for, really. The website had a recipe for some breakfast polenta with peppers and onions, which sounds kind of good, but a lot of work. This positive experience does give me hope for the other flavors of this brand, though. Hopefully the flavors of the other sausages are also as good.

The experience:
Texture - A
Flavor - B+

Final grade for this attempt: B+


  1. I add this sausage to marinara sauce for spaghetti frequently and I LOVE it. :)

  2. The Italian is a popular one in my neck of the woods. On menus and at friend's houses. I like them with stone ground mustard, ketchup, and hot sauce. My husband thinks they rock with marinara, a la meatball sub.

  3. All flavors of these are DELICIOUS. I highly recommend them- I like to pan fry them until they are browned and eat them straight up as the main protein of a meal. If they were less expensive I would live on them. I am pretty picky about processed food but these have a great non-processed flavor and texture to them and no creepy ingredients. My boyfriend who's only been vegetarian for a few years also loves them and says they're one of the few faux meats that leave him feeling full.

  4. I also love all flavors of the Field Roast brand of fake meats. I almost never eat them plain, and I almost never add them to a meal w/o cutting them into small pieces and browning them in a skillet first (usually cast iron works best in my opinion). I do this b/c I think it improves the texture, makes it a bit crunchier. I add these to stir-fried veggies and all pasta dishes (lasagna, penne, spaghetti, etc.) Delicious!