December 3, 2010

Amy's Macaroni and Soy Cheeze

This week, I'm testing out something a little different. It's not fake meat, but it is fake food. Fake cheese, in fact! I've always been a little curious about how soy cheese tastes. Keep reading to find out what I discovered.

For my first soy cheese experiment, I went with Amy's Macaroni and Soy Cheeze. Now, I really like macaroni and cheese. I'm not a macaroni and cheese snob - I eat the Kraft version (the whole grain one - try it sometime!) just as often (well, almost) as my awesome homemade version. I was really looking forward to trying this product.

After heating it up in the microwave, as directed, I got ready to eat it. Unfortunately, immediately upon removing it from the microwave, I was confronted with a horrible stench. It reminded me of two things that both smell the same to me - blue cheese and barf. Neither of these things are even remotely appetizing to me. I know some people like blue cheese, but I really can't understand that. Sorry. So I suspected, maybe the scientists who put this together were trying to imitate blue cheese for some unknown reason instead of the more traditional cheddar cheese. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, hoped as hard as I could that it didn't taste like it smelled, and took a bite.

It did not taste like it smelled. Not to say that it tasted good, of course. It was very bland, which improved a little with some salt. The texture was definitely a problem, which is pretty common with frozen macaroni and cheese entrees, but I don't think it was the pasta. The fake cheese sauce wasn't smooth and creamy, like you'd expect from a macaroni and cheese - instead it was gummy. It totally stuck to the inside of my mouth and took a fairly good deal of effort to remove. Luckily it didn't taste as horrible as it smelled, because I'd have been stuck with it for quite a while. For some reason, I decided to give it a few more bites to see if I could get used to it, and four bites in, I was starting to get accustomed to the gumminess of the sauce, but here's the thing. Every time I brought a bite up to my mouth, I caught another whiff of the extremely unpleasant smell, which really interfered with my very moderate enjoyment of the experience. I eventually gave up after the fourth bite or so. It just wasn't worth it.

Sorry, Amy - this product just doesn't meet my macaroni and cheese standards. Maybe your real-cheese macaroni is better, but soy cheese just isn't a satisfactory replacement.

The experience:
Texture - the sauce was unpleasantly gummy
Flavor - not too terrible if you can get past the smell, but as smell is a big part of flavor, I'm going to have to ultimately say "ew"

Final grade for this attempt: D-


  1. Thank you for sharing your opinions on all of these different varieties of meat alternatives! We really appreciate your feedback.

    I think you may enjoy Lightlife's new Smart Cutlets if you are looking for something different to try. :)

    -Rachael, Lightlife Team Member

  2. WOW, I really, truly love this stuff. It is the fastest non-dairy mac and cheese I can make and it pretty much rocks compared to non-dairy box versions.
    I notice you don't have any other cheese reviews, so I think this may be due to the fact that you are still capable of digesting dairy products. I envy you! Cheese was my favorite food hands down and for years I fought my body on its increasing lactose intolerance. My body won and now I wander the out lands, looking for anything remotely cheese-like that could replace my beloved food.
    As you may have gathered from you taste test of Amy's Mac and Soy, nothing, and I mean nothing, tastes as good as cheese... but for those of us who no longer have a choice, that mac and cheese ain't so bad. Gummy? Yes. Smell? Eh. Can it kill a cheese craving? Yes, if you close you eyes and savor that HS cafeteria mac and cheese flavor!

  3. I actually like this stuff and I will admit to being a mac and cheese snob. I hate Kraft dinner and would only eat the home made or fancy restaurant version. The only store bought mac and cheese I would consume is amy's. The amy's original mac and cheese is great and I liked to overcook it a bit to make is more crispy. I also like the soy version, but you really have to overcook it for it to taste good. I don't really eat microwave mac and cheese anymore but I would recommend Amy's and the soy version is good for those that can't eat cheese or who want a version with less calories.

  4. Good to know! Amy's regular Macaroni and Cheese is delicious! It got all the delicious dairy in it, to make it super tasty! I will most def not be trying this gross soy cheese. I think soy cheese is pretty gross, regardless.

  5. Found this review online because I was doing a search for where I may be able to order this soy cheese macaroni of Amy's online. It's hard to find and our local grocery store always seems to run out.
    I can't say I eat it myself but I've tasted it and it's has a pretty good taste. I've never been a mac and cheese person though. We buy this because my 7 year old son LOVES it. He also will not eat meat so the fact that it's high in protein is very important to me. I actually like the smell, but yes it is not the usual cheesy smell that regular mac (with dairy) has. It has a unique taste and smell, which I don't find either displeasing. The fact that my son loves it makes us a huge fan of this product and it really is a go to meal for us. My advice is just try it out if you can't eat dairy or meat but do keep an open mind don't expect it to be your usual mac and cheese.