March 18, 2011

Trader Joe's Soy Nuggets

A little while back, I got an e-mail from a reader who was on the hunt for vegan chicken nuggets. I took a peek in my freezer and saw a couple different vegan chicken nuggets that I'd apparently been hoarding, so I threw them in the oven to test them out. This review is for you, Carol! Thanks for reading!

First up, Trader Joe's Soy Nuggets. These cooked up crazy-fast in the oven. I believe it was about 4 minutes, then flip them, then another 4-5 minutes and then they're piping hot and crispy! Just like magic! Sort of. Anyway, once these were out of the oven, it was time for the tasting. I poured a few different condiments on my plate to test out some different flavors, but as usual I started out with a bite of the plain nugget. Gotta be scientific about these things, you know.

The exterior was nicely crispy, which doesn't seem to be too difficult to do with enough time in an oven. The inside was a little mushy, but really not bad. Not as mushy as the Chic-a-roos from a while back, but still not perfect. There wasn't much flavor to speak of, aside from a frozen-then-baked sort of flavor. You know the flavor I'm talking about, right? The not-much-flavor thing resulted in a sort of blank canvas for condiments, though. Pretty good with ketchup, ok with barbecue sauce (probably better if you like barbecue sauce more than I do), surprisingly tasty with ranch dressing. Thought about whipping up some honey mustard, but I only had one nugget left and it sounded like too much work for one nugget. Next time, though.

So yeah, Trader Joe's redeems itself once again with a not-too-terrible product. You're about 50-50 at this point, TJ. Better pick up the pace.

The experience:
Texture - nice and crispy outside, a little mushy inside, but not terrible
Flavor - not much there aside from the freezer flavor - very condiment-compatible

Final grade for this attempt: B+

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  1. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your ideas and discoveries.