March 11, 2011

Yves Veggie Corn Dogs

As of the writing of this post, I'm confronted with a conundrum. According to the Yves American website, the product I'm about to review doesn't exist. The Canadian version of their page, however, does say that this product is available in Canada. So here's the Canadian page link to Yves Veggie Corn Dogs. I'll try to keep an eye on the US page and update to that link when it shows up.

In any case, let's see how they taste, shall we? I've had some pretty bad experiences with Yve's stuff before, so I was a little wary of these corn dogs that suddenly showed up at my local Target. But hey, it's for science!

The box contains four corn dogs, so I threw a couple of them into the oven for the 22 minutes it calls for. Usually with frozen corn dogs I need to bake them extra time to get the crispy outside I like, but this time was perfect. It came out looking exactly right, and smelling right as well. I started to get a little excited about tasting these.

Enough teasing - I stuck that thing right into my mouth. The cornbread part was amazing! Nice and fluffy and corn-bread-y tasting. The big surprise here was the hot dog. It actually tasted like a (cheap, misc-meat) hot dog. Nothing really weird about it like the last two Yve's things I tried - it was just a truly tasty corn dog. I don't have much to say about these except that I'm really excited to eat the other two I still have in the freezer. Buy these if you see them - they are great!

The experience:
Texture - just like a real-meat corn dog
Flavor - also just like a real-meat corn dog

Final grade for this attempt: A+


  1. Being from the states, my family still lives there. So every time I go home for a visit, I try to find these to no avail. I love them! They seem pricey, but I just love them. I'm not really a meat-missing-vegetarian though.

    It is a rare occurrence that Canada has something that either is difficult to find in the states or that the states doesn't have entirely. I've been up here for 6 years and still make frequent trips over the border to buy certain items.

    I digress. I don't know what Yves is doing in regard to the corn dogs because they made them up here in Canada about 3 years ago. Then about a year ago, they were gone. I couldn't find them anywhere. Now they are back and say "new" on the box and I'm pretty sure there are fewer to a box. Either way... I'm happy they are back and I hope they start selling them at more places in the states very soon!

  2. But where do you buy them in Canada. I've been looking everywhere!


  4. i got mine at walmart. tasty!