April 8, 2011

Boca Savory Mushroom Mozzarella Veggie Patty

This week, I'm testing out another veggie burger: Boca Savory Mushroom Mozzarella Veggie Patty.

First, a disclaimer. I'm not the biggest mushroom fan. Over the years I've learned to appreciate them more, but I don't usually seek them out. That said, here comes the review.

Not much to say here - heated up a patty with some oil in a skillet, just like I always do. I served it up on a homemade onion bun (because I'm like that) with some lettuce and tomato. I dug in, expecting a savory mushroom and mozzarella experience and got only onion bun, lettuce, and tomato. I figured all that awesome interference was drowning out the mushroom flavor, so I dissected the burger to get a taste of it plain.

Once I got it alone, I could taste the mushroom flavor. Sort of. I think I could only taste it because I knew it was there - if someone just handed it to me and asked me what it was, I'm not sure I would be able to pick it out. And there was absolutely no mozzarella flavor presence, but that I can forgive - mozzarella isn't exactly the most assertive cheese out there. Maybe a Swiss version would be a little more interesting. As it stands, though, this burger was a bit of a letdown.

The experience:
Texture - just the standard veggie burger texture
Flavor - not much to speak of - slightly mushroomy when I concentrated on it

Final grade for this attempt: C

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