April 15, 2011

Health is Wealth Chicken-Free Patties

This week, I'm tackling another vegan fake meat - Health is Wealth Chicken-Free Patties.

Here's the thing, I actually tested these out a really long time ago, but it was during a week where I was really sick with a bad cold. It didn't taste like anything, but I could tell if it was because the patty didn't taste like anything or if it was just me, so I put them back in the freezer and waited until I got better. Then forgot about them for a while. Eventually, I dug them back out and gave them another shot.

I heated these up in my toaster oven, just for giggles. I figured it'd get a nice crispy exterior without spending all that time preheating my oven. It worked great! After only a few minutes, it came out all hot and crispy, so I tossed it onto a bun and took a bite.

Something I had noticed back when I tried these out the first time is that the texture of the interior is not awesome. Pretty mushy, actually. This seems to be a sticking point for anything trying to resemble chicken. It's either tough and chewy or mushy. I understand that muscle texture is probably very tricky to replicate, but somebody needs to get on that.

Texture aside, let's talk flavor. As it turns out, whether my nose is all clogged up or not, these actually have no flavor. None at all. Not even a gross flavor. I loaded up the patty with ketchup and mayo, and it was definitely palatable, but I derived no pleasure from eating it. I recommend eating these with a cold - you could at least pretend you were missing out on something that way.

The experience:
Texture - Crispy outside, mushy inside.
Flavor - what flavor?

Final grade for this attempt: C-

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  1. I just want to commend you for creating such a fantastic blog! For numerous reasons, I chose to become a vegetarian back in February... and the hardest part for me has been trying the meat substitutes. I have disliked a few things, liked a few things and have been terrified to even try others. I read through your entire blog and found that my opinions of a few of the fake meats that I have tried are actually similar to yours... so I wrote down many of the meat alternatives you gave good grades to. I'm hopeful this will help me on my next shopping adventure... as I've been searching for a good pepperoni, grilled chicken, Italian sausage, meatballs and turkey roast.

    - Melissa