May 27, 2011

Yves Good Dog

Oh no - it's time for another hot dog review! This time, it's Yves Good Dog.

I may have mentioned before that I like to cut up hot dogs to add to my macaroni and cheese from-a-box. It's something that dates back to my childhood. Fond memories and all that. So perhaps these had a pretty high standard to live up to.

I really enjoyed the heck out of the corn dogs that Yves makes, so I was hoping for the best with the naked dogs. I followed the directions as carefully as I could, since I've gotten slammed before for making things up. I put them in a bowl of water (had to cut them in half to get them to fit properly while submerged), covered the bowl with a plate, and microwaved them for one minute. They were making all kinds of crazy noises in there, but I just kept going. When I pulled them out, they were nice and hot, but also weirdly blistered-looking. I guess real-meat hot dogs do that too, so I moved forward.

I sliced off a chunk to taste it, and discovered that the texture was pretty similar to a real-meat hot dog. It even had a bit of resistance in the skin. As it cooled, however, it started to get really tough and chewy which wasn't fantastic, so if you eat these, be sure to eat them quickly.

Flavor-wise, these weren't too bad for a veggie hot dog. I don't think they had a very hot-dog-ish flavor, but judged on its own merits, it wasn't too bad. I tried it with a little ketchup, and it was a little better, but mostly because I could taste the hot dog less. I ended up eating a little bit more with dollops of ketchup, then just eating my mac & cheese without the veggie dogs. Not a perfect substitute when the flavor is critical to the experience. On a bun with some potato chips on the side, I bet this would be perfectly adequate.

The experience:
Texture - pretty similar to a real-meat hot dog when hot, but got tougher and chewier as it cooled
Flavor - if you've never eaten a real-meat hot dog before, you could probably really get into this version - it's not bad

Final grade for this attempt: C


  1. Today is May 5, 2014. I ate my very first Yves Spicey hot dog today and loved it. First I completely rubbed it with coconut oil (any oil will do) put it into a frying pan browning all sides (medium high heat). Then I seared the bun in the pan. After which I chopped onion , cheese added it to the bun, put the hot dog inside. Heated it again in the microwave for 45 seconds. Added mustard, relish and bit of ketchup . Verdict...very convincingly real tasting good hotdog! I shared half with my friend and it filled both of us up. It satisfied my craving for a meat hotdog and I would buy/eat them again and use even more creative toppings to enjoy it. I give it an A for texture, taste and overall satisfaction.

  2. I too have tried Yves hotdogs and they are quite authentic tasting after you add typical hotdog condiments. I also tried vegetarian hamburgers (President's Choice) and they taste very much like real burgers when you add typical toppings. I even broke up the hamburger meat to replace in beef chili and it taste just like real chili. I want to make a concerted effort to replace meat in my diet with fake meat products..and so far it seems I can have success doing so given my luck and like for the various vegetarian meat products I've so far tried. It's a lifestyle choice and I can't wait to experiment with other uses of vegetarian meats in spaghetti sauce, shepherd's pie, lasagna etc. in the future. This new way of cooking is a breath of fresh air and I won't have to feel the guilt of having a poor animal suffer due to my complicity to be part of the factory farm horror slaughter business. It's awful what's going on there as I've seen on programs like W5 in Canada / Quebec with the baby veal calves . And the turkey farm in sad and gross!

  3. Hot dogs DO NOT belong in macaroni and cheese. Put them on a bun or in baked beans and THEN give us a review. Your reviews stink.