May 6, 2011

Yves Veggie Chorizo

This week, it's Yves Veggie Chorizo. I did something kind of weird to this product that I hope you can all forgive me for. I made nachos!

My exchange student was home from school for some reason, and she wanted nachos. I saw this as a great opportunity to bust out the package of veggie chorizo we had in the fridge and test it out. So (and here comes the bad part) I took a chunk of remaining-nameless processed cheese and melted it down with the chorizo. For valid testing purposes I did taste a bit of the chorizo before mixing it with the cheese, and was a little worried.

Usually, with chorizo, there's some degree of spiciness. Not the case with this one. It was actually a little bit sweet, which didn't bode well for our nachos. I thought maybe, mixed with cheese, the sweetness would subside a bit, but it did not. In fact, even with salsa, lettuce, black olives, and sour cream, there was still a pervasive sweetness that was a bit off-putting. Not terrible, but not great. I definitely prefer other chorizos I've eaten over this one.

The experience:
Texture - reasonably chewy and interesting
Flavor - totally not spicy - actually a bit sweet

Final grade for this attempt: D


  1. Hmmm. I just had some this morning, prepared on the BBQ. I noticed that it had to be removed from the skin, which was hard to cut, even with a serrated knife. However, I found it plenty spicy, and I typically eat very hot peppers, etc. The seasonings are pretty intense, the orange colour is persistent, and has to be handled with some care. I mixed mine with Rubio's pinto beans and used as a tortilla chip dip. It was very tasty, but quite a bit of work to prepare.

  2. This review is accurate as far as flavor goes, but I modify most frozen and prepackaged foods somewhat when I cook with them (who doesn't?). Add some pickled jalapenos, saute with onions in a skillet and then scramble with some eggs and this chorizo makes some killer veg. breakfast burritos.

  3. As usual, your reviews are worthless because you almost never prepare anything as intended. Meh.

  4. this one is bland.