June 17, 2011

Lightlife Smart Cutlets, Original Flavor

This week, I got a little creative with my fake meat. Not hugely creative, but a little. I decided to make a sandwich out of Lightlife Smart Cutlets, Original Flavor.

I was in the mood for a sandwich, which doesn't happen too often. As I'm sure I've written about before, I'm not enamored with the sandwich as a delivery system for food. I didn't make any regular sandwich though - I went with a Caesar chicken sandwich. I busted out some romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, and my Caesar dressing. A quick note for vegetarians (who actually probably already know this): traditional Caesar dressing contains anchovies! As did mine, so technically my sandwich wasn't vegetarian, but neither am I so it all worked out.

I cooked up the cutlet in a skillet with a little olive oil and some garlic powder, oregano, and basil, to give it a head start on the Italian flavors. I even toasted my hamburger bun, just to give it a little crispiness. Then I shaved off a few slices of parmesan cheese, tore off a couple pieces of romaine, and built my sandwich, dousing the whole thing in Caesar dressing.

Now, to be fair, the dressing kind of overwhelmed any other flavors that may have been present, so my first impression of this sandwich was that it was very good. The texture of the cutlet wasn't mushy or chewy or any of the other things I usually use to describe fake chicken. It was nice and tender - not weird at all. I couldn't taste much of anything, so I broke off a piece and ate it separately from the sandwich. It wasn't a revelation on its own, but it wasn't awful either. Its purpose here was not to taste like chicken, but to provide a chewy counterpart to whatever else you were eating. In this case, it succeeded admirably. I enjoyed my sandwich very much, and highly recommend these cutlets for this application.

The experience:
Texture - not mushy, not chewy… just right
Flavor - not much to speak of, which is fine for adding flavors of your own

Final grade for this attempt: A

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  1. i like what you're doing here. very crisp and to the point review. looks like we're both into the faux meats.

    haven't tried these cutlets yet though. thanks for the info!