July 15, 2011

Amy's Quarter Pound Veggie Burger

Continuing burger month, this week I'm checking out Amy's Quarter Pound Veggie Burger.

This is a seriously substantial burger, people. When you hear about a quarter pound real-meat burger, they're talking pre-cooked weight - it loses some of that by the time it hits the bun. This veggie burger, however, is actually four ounces.

To prepare this massive burger, I heated up some vegetable oil in a skillet, as usual. Few minutes on each side, and I was ready to go. I also toasted up a bun and dug some caramelized onions out of my refrigerator. Couldn't remember exactly how long those had been in there, but they looked fine. I also decided to throw some cheese on there, thus canceling out the vegan element, but I'm not vegan, so that felt okay to me. Plus, I did snag a bite with no cheese, just for testing purposes, so the science is still good, such as it is.

In any case, completely naked, the burger was pretty tasty. Had a decent consistency to it and a nice ambiguously savory flavor. With all the fixings it was very satisfying. I probably wouldn't have missed the cheese, to be perfectly honest. This is a good burger. It doesn't taste much like meat, but it's definitely hearty. This is a serious veggie burger. This burger doesn't mess around.

The experience:
Texture - not mushy, not weird - just a nice burger texture
Flavor - ambiguously savory, but in a good way

Final grade for this attempt: A-


  1. I love everything Amy's makes, except the burgers. They're terrible. Are you even vegetarian?

  2. I tried this with just a bun (and tomato and lettuce) and it was like a ambiguously flavored moist blob--- are you sure you tried this burger? If you think this tastes good maybe you haven't had many vegetarian burgers or something (but how can you not realize it is very bland, maybe your caramelized onions are giving it more flavor).