July 22, 2011

Moophrey Vegan Burger

Next up in veggie burger month: Moophrey Vegan Burgers.

I gotta say it again, these and the Cluckphrey fake chicken products have the BEST names for fake meat. But there's more to fake meat than a catchy brand name, so let's dive in here.

Standard veggie burger routine here - little veggie oil in the skillet, few minutes on each side until hot. I toasted up the bun, just to be fancy, and slathered this thing with ketchup. It looked pretty burger-y, but it had kind of a funky smell. I carried on anyway.

Took a big bite of the burger and almost immediately wished I hadn't. It just tasted…bad. So bad that I really wasn't able to spend a lot of time figuring out what flavor of bad was in play here. I did force myself to take a second bite with just the patty to try to narrow down the problem, but all that got me was a confirmation of my strong suspicion that the patty was the problem. I had so little interest in continuing sampling of this burger that I actually just tossed it out. I kept the bun and cooked up another Amy's Quarter Pound Veggie Burger from last week. So no worries, the bun did not go to waste!

The experience:
Texture - nothing particular stood out over the flavor
Flavor - just…bad

Final grade for this attempt: D-


  1. bummer. thanks for the warning!

  2. Didn't and won't be trying this and simply clicked in to say how much I love your site! Very useful and helpful even though I don't use a lot of fake meat products. I am curious about some and this place gives me a heads up to buy or maybe not. My favorite is Gimmie Lean breakfast sausage and I am now dying to try the Italian soup with white beans and kale recipe you have under that review.

    Thanks again for a great place.


  3. Personally I think this is one of the best veggie burgers, but as someone who ate burgers a lot before becoming vegan, I agree it tastes different from other veggie burgers, mainly that it tastes more like-meat. (in my opinion)

  4. Actually, to me, these tasted delicious. I was thrilled to find a delicious tasting meat substitute. My gripe is that they list this burger as only about 10% fat. There is no way they are that low in fat. Just by handling the burgers my fingers got oily and/or greasy just as if I had handled real meat.

  5. What? I love these burgers! They're my favorite kind! Oh well, different strokes for different folks I guess.