September 23, 2011

Sunshine Burger Breakfast Patty

This week, I'm taking a quick break from Morningstar products to review Sunshine Burger Breakfast Patty. I had tried the original variety of these burgers a while back and wasn't impressed, but managed to add enough stuff to it to make it palatable. I was excited to try some of the other flavors which might actually have some… you know… flavors. So here comes the breakfast patty.

The website brags that this patty is, "an awesome taste sensation which is both familiar and completely new!" So there's that, whatever that means. So I cooked up a patty, sort of following the directions on the box. They were well-browned just a few minutes into the time suggested (5-7 minutes on each side), and hot all the way through, so I pulled it out of the pan. Why did they think it would take 10-14 minutes? I seriously was cooking it for about 4 minutes, and it was really brown. Maybe I'll just go ahead and cook one of the leftover patties exactly as directed and then mail them the ashes. I just realized that the instructions actually say to cook over low heat, so this time frame makes more sense. Sorry!

Anyway, time for the tasting. I had been promised a familiar and yet new taste sensation, but I have to say, it reminded me very much of the last time I ate a Sunshine Burger. It tasted like a big mouthful of sunflower seeds. No sage, no pepper, (which they specifically named as spices used to season this patty), no any of the other ingredients listed. What a bummer. Maybe if I put it on an english muffin with egg, cheese, salsa, and maybe a different brand of sausage patty, I'd have something. This was not even remotely reminiscent of a breakfast sausage. But hey, if you like sunflower seeds and want to eat a bunch of them all at once, here's the perfect breakfast patty for you!

The experience:
Texture - kinda mushy on the inside, which maybe if I overcooked it (as directed) would go away

Final grade for this attempt: D


  1. Oh, the Sunshine Burger. I remember you having me try each of these a different way -- cooked over low with no oil (which took forever), in the microwave, and your usual method: medium-high heat with oil.

    Of all three of these, I found the microwave one to maybe be the best, but I agree with you: the first two methods had the merest *hint* of sage, the oil method had none. The texture was best (although still mushy) in oil, as most veggie burgers are, but the flavor was the worst.

    You really expect a veggie burger that's not trying to be meat would be filled with a ton of awesome veggie flavors and seasonings and not mild like this one. Ah well!

  2. this sounds pretty yucky! thanks for the tip, i'll avoid it :)