October 7, 2011

Field Roast Frankfurters

This week, I'm reviewing another hot dog: Field Roast Frankfurters.

I followed the directions on the package for these to prepare them. I boiled a couple of them, still in their casing, for 10 minutes. This caused some funky red oily liquid to get into the water, so if you do this, don't plan on using the leftover water for anything unless you want funky red liquid in it. Also, it smelled really weird. Not really bad, just… weird.

Once I fished them out of the water and removed them from their casing, I gave them a taste. I found the texture to be kind of hard and oddly dry. Not super pleasant. It had an okay hot-dog-flavor, but was entirely unsuitable for my planned usage (which was to mix it into macaroni and cheese). I ended up eating a few more chunks of it with some ketchup, which helped the flavor some, but the texture still wasn't great. I may try the alternative grilling instructions later and see if that helps the texture any. If I do, I'll be sure to update this review.

The experience:
Texture - hard and dry - not great
Flavor - relatively hot-dog-ish but a little better with ketchup

Final grade for this attempt: C


  1. I do not know why they have those directions. Grill them. I would be very surprised if anyone could tell these are vegan. They are as far as I am concerned the best hot dogs I have ever had--meat or meatless. They have less calories than a Nathan's dog but twice the protein. Unbelievable.

    1. AGREE !!! Grilled in cast iron pan and these vegan frankfurters are amazing. My co-workers walk by my desk at lunchtime and comment on their sudden craving for a hot dog. Fantastic vegan option ~~

  2. Your review is bad and you should feel ashamed.

  3. these are the best hotdogs... ever. if you used to eat the "all beef" hotdogs in the casing, these will be reminiscent of those. if you're looking for a "ballpark frank" or "oscar meyer" gooshy wiener, than this grown-up frank prolly ain't for you.

  4. I agree with the above... Grill them for best results or even pan fry. I had tried just about every vegetarian dog in the world and had about given up until I found these. They really taste great. I don't know if I'd say they taste exactly like any particular brand of hot dog, but I do agree that if you eat them in a bun with ketchup, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who knew right away they were vegan. They are moist, chewy, and chock full of smokey flavor... exactly what you'd want in a hot dog, minus the super high fat and cholesterol content. They're a little high in sodium, but they're hot dogs... you shouldn't be eating them any day any way.

  5. I just had these for the first time this last weekend, and they are currently my FAVORITE veggie dogs. The first time I had them, they were grilled on a propane grill, and the second time on a George Foreman grill. Fabulous.

  6. These are literally the only veggie dogs I will touch with even a ten foot pole. I've only ever grilled them on my foreman and they always turn out so so good. Better than any hot dog either meat or no that I have ever had.

  7. Why are you always using fake hot dogs in mac and cheese? Are you five? Are you feeding young children? And for gawn sake, don't boil them!

  8. Smart dogs are delicious, but I apparently, I am highly allergic to soy protein. These are even better... First off let me start by saying that the package says "ready to eat" and boiling anything for ten minutes is overkill, especially hot dogs. I am addicted to hot dogs, and these are delicious! I cut them up and put them in mac and cheese because, apparently, I'm a lazy 5-year-old at heart. However, if everyone else thinks that they are gross when boiled, I have to actually grill them now, because it seems as though I am missing out on life.

  9. Anyone planning to reuse hot dog water for ANYTHING should immediately be stricken from the gene pool. Dump that stuff out for the love of god.