October 14, 2011

Lightlife Smart Sausage, Chorizo Style

This week it's another sausage: Lightlife Smart Sausages, Chorizo Style.

I decided to cook these up into a nice chili mac. I tasted a bite of the sausage before I committed to this plan, in case I needed to switch gears, but plain and cold these weren't terrible, so I figured heating them up could only improve things. They had some reasonably nice peppery spiciness to them, but not much else, spice-wise. Just pepper. But whatever - there were plenty of other flavors in this recipe, so I figured it would be good.

As a side note, I mostly used this recipe as written, but I substituted the poblano chile peppers for banana peppers, because that was what I had, canola oil instead of corn oil, and the fake chorizo instead of, well, real-meat chorizo. Otherwise, I actually followed the recipe. Oh and orzo for the macaroni, but that's still pasta. Well, and I skipped the first step. So maybe I didn't actually follow this recipe very well. Whatever.

Okay, moving on. So now I have this orzo/black bean/corn/tomato/fake chorizo dish. All together, it tasted pretty good. I don't know if the chorizo was really the best option here. It had sort of a weird texture that is a little difficult to describe. Sort of mushy, I guess, is the closest adjective I can come up with. But also chewy. I found myself eating all the chorizo bits off my plate first so I could enjoy the rest of the dish without them. But at least I ate them, instead of picking them out and leaving them on the side of the plate. They were edible but definitely my least favorite element.

The experience:
Texture - sort of mushy but in a chewy way
Flavor - peppery, mostly, but not terrible

Final grade for this attempt: C+


  1. This stuff wasn't bad, but I'll be honest, the Trader Joe's Chorizo is just so, so much better. Usually Lightlife has some pretty respectable stuff, but this definitely isn't one of their better attempts.

  2. I just found your site. What a great resource! I'm thinking of taking the leap to vegan and finding some tasty meat substitutes is a great first step. Thanks for making my process a easier.