January 13, 2012

Gardein Ultimate Beefless Burger

Here comes another veggie burger! This time, it's Gardein Ultimate Beefless Burger. Sounds exciting!

As usual, I cooked it up in a skillet with a touch of oil. Not much to say about this part. I flipped it a couple times, to evenly brown it. I don't remember it having those attractive grill marks they show on the package, though. Hmm.

Let's get to why you're here: the tasting! We eat first with our eyes - this looks like a very burger-y burger. I wouldn't feel terribly self-conscious if I were one of those people who bring veggie burgers to a barbecue with meat-eaters. Once on a bun, I gave it a thorough tasting. First bite was a little weird - sort of meat-like but with an off-flavor that I couldn't immediately identify. Then I placed it. When I was in Europe way back when, this is what fast-food burgers tasted like. Something about the beef they use (probably higher quality than we get here in the states) had a different flavor to it, and this veggie burger tasted like that. After I figured that out, I gave it another taste and decided that, if I were not a meat-eater, I could get behind this burger. It's pretty darn good.

The experience:
Texture - nicely chewy, like one would expect a burger to be
Flavor - like European fast food burgers

Final grade for this attempt: A


  1. These are great. I use them as veggie "Salisbury Steak" patties. A little pricey though.

  2. I loved these the first time I tried them. Then after that I started to notice that "off" taste and just couldn't enjoy it.

  3. You should try the impossible burger. It uses heme which is plant blood and makes the burger taste like meat but way better. And 2nd best would be the beyond burger. NOT THE BEAST BURGER BUT THE BEYOND BURGER....THE RAW MEAT ONE you have to cook. Anyway the impossible burger is worth a flight to San Francisco, los Angeles, or new York. It'll be available in grocery stores one day.

  4. IMO, these are hands down the best "veggie" burger available in NJ supermarkets. I frequently eat one for breakfast with salsa and avocado (and of course melted cheese)