June 1, 2012

Morningstar Veggie Dogs

This week, I'm finally testing out Morningstar Veggie Dogs. They were very popular a long time ago but disappeared, and now they are back, apparently. Will they be able to beat the current best fake meat hot dog? Let's find out!

To start out, the directions on the box had two suggested cooking methods. I decided, for science, to try them both. So I started boiling a pot of water, and while I waited for that, I tossed a dog into the microwave. Fifty seconds later, I had a piping hot veggie dog. About fifteen seconds before it was done, I was pretty excited, because a legitimately tasty smell was emanating from the microwave, but only for a second, then it turned weird, and I started to get nervous. As part of the quirkiness of microwave cooking, the skin on the veggie dog kind of bubbled up in a couple spots, making it look less than appetizing, but I cut it some slack. I cut off a chunk and popped it into my mouth. Not great. Doused a second bite in lots of ketchup and ate that - much improved, until the ketchup dissipated, and then I was left with this really funky flavor. The flavor though… I even tried it with a bite of bun and a bunch of ketchup - even more improved, until the bun and ketchup disappeared, leaving only the veggie dog flavor.  I will say, though, that the texture was awesome. They nailed the texture of cheap real-meat hot dogs.

So by this point, my pot of water was boiling. I dropped a second veggie dog into it and noticed that I would have to keep waiting another seven minutes. What? This method is not for the super hungry or impatient. I was really hoping that it would be worth it.

Seven interminable minutes later, I fished my veggie dog out of the water and dropped it onto a plate. I will definitely say that it looked a lot better than the microwaved one. But did it taste better? Heck yes it did! It was still a little weird, but a much milder weird - one that was covered up more thoroughly with a hefty dose of ketchup, and less unpleasant once the ketchup disappeared. And after a couple bites, I kind of didn't mind it too much. It's not even close to a replacement for my favorite real-meat hot dog, but of all the gluten-based veggie dogs I've tried, this one was definitely the best.

The experience:
Texture - exactly like a real-meat (cheap) hot dog - nailed it!
Flavor - a little weird, but much better not from the microwave - use lots of condiments!

Final grade for this attempt: B-


  1. Try them barbecued! They will even blacken like a "real" hot dog too. Yummy!!

  2. To be very honest I have eaten the regular meat dog and the Morning Star Veggie Dog and the Morning Star Dog tasted better in every possible way to me. No weird taste what so ever, and the texture, color, and everything about it was absolutely perfect. It even made two other devout meat eaters ask for more, and they hate everything else vegan. They too agreed it was better than the meat dogs they had been accustom to. I, being vegan myself was delighted to hear their praises of Morning Star's dogs.

  3. Haven't ate one yet,but gonna try them!

  4. Worst, they contain soy beans, and, with the second two main ingratiate being surge, (corn syrup solids and wheat gluten), I would skip this company’s products, and you should be smart about what you put into your body, too. Find a company that cares more about your life than it does about making money from misleading you.

    An interesting note to mark is whether the egg whites used in Morningstar Veggie Dogs are from range-free hens or cruelty and careless farmers. My belief is, if Morningstar, Inc. do not say, they are hiding a lot of truth about their products; keep away!

    Joseph C. Carbone III; 20 Sept. 2014

  5. One person says they are gluten free
    One person says they have wheat gluten....

    1. Who says they are gluten free? They definitely have gluten in them.

    2. I am a meat eater. My daughter turned me onto these yesterday, Memorial Day. I ate them on a bun and added grilled onions, horseradish mustard, ketchup and topped with some vegetarian baked beans. I have to admit I enjoyed them quite a bit. But then I picked up the package, my biggest complaint was too much hydrogenated ingredients. I'm interested in pursuing other brands of veggie product that I like the flavor as much as I did this one but with higher-quality ingredients.