June 15, 2012

Quorn Classic Burger

This week, another veggie burger. I've already tested the cheeseburger version of this, but this week, I'm testing out Quorn's Classic Burger.

I hit up my usual burger routine - little oil, flip a couple times, cook until hot. Then I dug in. First thing I notice was actually while cooking - these burgers painted the grill marks only on one side of the burger. I was oddly troubled by this - if you're going to pretend, why not go all the way? But anyway, how did it taste? Well, not awesome. It was mildly oniony, which changed to a more generically meaty flavor with some ketchup.

It had an oddly spicy effect - there was a sort of tingling in my mouth, despite not actually containing any spicy ingredients. I thought this was strange and a little disconcerting.

Texture-wise, it was fine - not mushy or overly chewy - right in the middle. It was a texture that could not possibly offend anybody. And that is all I have to say about that.

The experience:
Texture - just the right amount of chew
Flavor - a little oniony plain, but with ketchup, more like just a regular veggie burger

Final grade for this attempt: C

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