July 27, 2012

Quorn Kung Pao Chik'n

This week, something new from Quorn: Quorn Kung Pao Chik'n.

I saw this entree on a recent stocking up trip at the local hippie health food store, and figured I'd give it a shot. I usually steer clear of Kung Pao items, as they are often too spicy for me, but what the heck - if it ended up being too spicy, I'd pass it off to my wife, who can handle much more heat than I can .

So I popped it into the microwave to heat it up, and then, well, it was hot. Not much to say about heating things up in the microwave. Right away I knew what the problem was going to be. Not the spiciness, as I'd feared, but the overwhelming ginger flavor! To be fair, the box does state that the sauce is a "sweet & spicy ginger and garlic sauce" so it was pretty true to its word. Not enough garlic for me, but I very rarely find something with "enough" garlic. As for its spice level, there was definitely some heat to it - the truly hardcore probably wouldn't notice it, but it's there. But the major player here is the ginger.

As for the rest of the elements, the noodles were surprisingly firm, in a good way. Often, with frozen meals, any pasta involved ends up mushy and gross, but not this time! And the fake chicken chunks had a decent chewiness to them as well.

So, if you like spicy ginger-flavored stuff, give this a whirl. If you don't like ginger (like me), I'd steer clear.

The experience:
Texture - good chewiness, both to the fake chicken and the noodles
Flavor - GINGER!

Final grade for this attempt: B (or maybe higher, if you like ginger)

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