September 7, 2012

Sophie's Kitchen Breaded Vegan Fish Fillets

This week, it's time to explore some more fake seafood. Not so sure about this, but here we go. Let's take a look at Sophie's Kitchen Breaded Vegan Fish Fillets.

First of all, the box claims that these are "perfect for…everyone who just loves scrumptious food" - well, as I'm a fan of scrumptious food, I was led to believe this was going to be good. So I popped these into the oven, cooked them for the suggested amount of time, and then about 10 minutes more, hoping they'd crisp up, even a little. They look like they were going to get nice and crunchy, but they never got much crunch to them. Just a tiny bit on the edges, and I waited until they had some good color to them. Maybe I'm supposed to burn them to get them crunchy?

Alright, looking past the exterior, how was it? Well, the inside was mushy and stringy-looking. There were some weird white speckles all over the fillets, and after checking the ingredient list, I decided it was related to the "multigrain blend" listed - the white bits were probably oats or something. But how was the flavor? Well, not even the slightest bit fishy-tasting. It's hard to describe exactly what it DID taste like, but it wasn't awesome.

I decided to cast aside the vegan label and put some tartar sauce on these, to see if I could trick my brain into thinking it was more fishy-tasting. It did improve the eating experience slightly, but only because I could taste the fillet less. I tried a bite with lots of sauce and the very crispiest edge bit, and thought REALLY hard about fish sticks, but I was not able to trick my tongue.

These could easily be marketed as chicken patties rather than fish fillets, and it would be more accurate. I didn't hate them, but there was really nothing to recommend them either.

The experience:
Texture - not as crunchy as I was expecting on the outside; mushy and weird on the inside
Flavor - not the slightest bit fishy-tasting, just a little weird

Final grade for this attempt: C

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  1. this can pass for a mickey d's fish fillet when you add processed American cheese, a heaping of tartar sauce, and a cheap burger bun!