September 21, 2012

Tofurky Chorizo Style Grounds

This week, it's another chorizo! Everyone likes chorizo, right? Let's give this one a whirl: Tofurky Chorizo Style Grounds.

The Tofurky people recommended a wide variety of ideas for this product, but I went my own direction with it. And honestly, it was probably the best meal I had all week. Unfortunately I un-did both the vegan and gluten-free qualities of this fake meat in the process, but you could modify it to your own diet. Check below the review for my recipe!

I cooked this up with some bell pepper, onion, and zucchini, all from our local farmer's market. Then, and here's where we get crazy, served it up in some tortillas with Mexican rice, cheddar cheese, egg (scrambled for me, over easy for my wife), salsa, and sour cream. I'll be honest, when I was throwing this together, the zucchini was totally an afterthought - I had some, cut up, in the fridge, and I thought, hey - I'll just chuck this in too. But seriously, it added a great dimension to the entire meal that I think really made it great instead of simply good.

I imagine it would be just as good without the dairy and eggs, but we're not vegans here, so I'll leave the experimenting up to you fine folks. If you're going the gluten-free route, you could use corn tortillas instead of the flour tortillas we had on hand, and I'm confident that would work very well. When I ate this as leftovers the next morning, I had the rice, the veggie/chorizo mixture, a little bit of sour cream, some salsa, and a couple eggs cooked on top (no cheese, no tortilla), but my former exchange student from Japan who is now back in the state as a college student had just the veggies and rice for her lunch, and she liked it as well. So really, you could have this in a multitude of ways. Just don't skip the zucchini!

Quick note on the chorizo on its own - I heated it up and tasted it plain before adding it to the veggie mixture, just to make sure it was going to be okay, and I was pleasantly surprised to note that it was actually pretty good on its own. Nicely chewy, like a ground meat should be, and a good flavor without being overly spicy. People who like a lot of spice may want to add something like, I don't know, Tabasco, or a hot salsa or something. Whatever spice-lovers eat. You'd know better than I would.

The experience:
Texture - chewy in the good way
Flavor - flavorful without being overwhelmingly spicy

Final grade for this attempt: A

Veggie-Chorizo mixture for breakfast burritos or huevos rancheros or whatever

1 red bell pepper (or whatever color floats your boat), diced
1 red onion (again - yellow or white would also be fine), diced
1 medium-size zucchini, cut into bite-size chunks
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 package Tofurky Chorizo Style Grounds

Add any or all of the following to customize:
    sour cream
    whatever else you like on this sort of thing - I can't do everything for you!

For the veggies - just heat the oil and veggies in a large skillet over medium-high heat until they reach the desired texture. I think I cooked mine for 7-8 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add in the chorizo grounds, and stir until the mixture is completely combined, and heated through. Serve with whatever other stuff your heart desires. Enjoy!


  1. That's good, I find most tofurkey stuff (like the sausages/bacon/etc) tasting all the same, that kinda bland gluton flavor. I'll look forward to trying this out.

  2. Even my meat-eating husband loves this stuff, and this past weekend, a VERY meat-eating friend tried it and said "not bad", which is a win in my book. We LOVE this stuff, and it is our go-to for taco night (along with Beyond Meat Southwestern flavor).

  3. Love this! Much better than the Trader Joe variety!

  4. I've never tried this but I've eaten the trader Joe's soy chorizo a few times and it cooks and tastes just like regular chorizo for me I'll be on the lookout for this one though

  5. I added it to homemade baked bean recipe. Excellent flavor and texture.

  6. I finally gave this a try, and I'm very pleased with it. Totally satisfies my chorizo cravings!

  7. I throw this on nachos with tons of cheese! Awesome!

  8. Delicious mixed with eggs, scooped up with a tortilla (in place of a fork) and maybe with a tablespoon of sour cream on the side. I found this meat substitute at the local supermarket in Mariposa, CA. while on on a vacation to Yosemite. One of the best surprises in "fake meat." I've ever found. I'm sure the flavor and texture must have improved greatly since the original review because it tastes just the way I remember actual chorizo tasting when I ate it back in my carnivore days years ago. Fortunately/unfortunately they had it in Florida when I first moved here, but after not buying it for two months, it seems it was pulled off the shelves and the market's "special order" is taking more than three months now....

    It'll be worth the wait, if it ever comes in.

  9. Omg so good- low carb tortilla, chia cayenne “cheese” or heidi-ho chia cheese, fresh guac and tofutti sour cream with a sprinkle of cilantro and like (or leave them out whatever)- super duper yum, completely vegan and dont miss the meat! And feel amazing afterwards too! (Without tortilla can do with rice, nachos, or lettuce wrap!)